Opening representation offices in Ukraine

We assist foreign companies in registering representative offices in Ukraine, which may be required in cases of conducting business on Ukrainian territory, participating in public procurement, and so on.

After the lawyer receives all required documents, the registration procedure can take up to 30 days.

The lawyer will draft the following documents, which must be signed by the company's general manager.

- Application to Ukraine's Ministry of Economy

- Power of attorney authorizing a person to be a legal representative in Ukraine (representative office director)

- Power of attorney authorizing the attorney to file and receive documents on registration representative office.

The company must also provide the lawyer with the following documents:

- A letter from a bank indicating the company's accounts; - An extract from the trade register

The above-mentioned documents must be apostilled and notarized.

The documents may have been written in English, Ukrainian, or another language at the time.

Documents that are not in Ukrainian must, however, be translated into Ukrainian.

When the documents are complete, they are mailed or personally delivered to the lawyer. After they are filed to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine by the lawyer.

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