Mr. Denys Zahorskyi graduated Prosecutors’ Training Faculty of Yaroslav the Wise National Law University (Kharkov city) with Merit.


​​Since 2015, a lawyer in the field of corporate, commercial and tax law.

Since 2018, in agreement with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, appointed the head of the legal department of SE "USSI" which is one of the leading metal manufacturing state-owned enterprises in Zaporozhye.

Since 2018, a successful practice in the field of legal services for business. 

English speaking lawyer. Experienced in providing legal assistance to foreign companies and citizens.

Link to the profile in the Register of Lawyers of Ukraine.


Mr. Denys Zahorskyi has considerable experience in providing legal services to foreign citizens and companies on the territory of Ukraine.


Mr. Denys Zahorskyi has legally represented a Belgium citizen in the case of deprivation of his parental rights that was considered by Ukrainian court.

The child’s relatives tried to deprive of client’s parental rights after the death of the child’s mother who was Ukrainian citizen and lived in Ukraine with the child separately from her husband. The case was closed as it was proven Ukrainian courts have no jurisdiction to conduct cases involving citizens of other countries. Mr. Denys Zahorskyi also made legal actions to get documents confirming paternity of the client and helped on adding information about father’s citizenship to the civil registry of Ukraine. The attorney also negotiated with Ukrainian authorities and child’s relatives on behalf of the client to facilitate reunion with the father. Communication with the client and his Belgium lawyer was conducted in English.


In 2020 Mr. Denys Zahorskyi provided legal services to one of the biggest Turkish building companies specialized in building bridges. The attorney was involved into making and collecting all documents required to participate in Ukrainian public procurement and opening the representative office in Ukraine, while providing services the attorney spent two weeks in client’s office in Ankara. Communication with the client’s representatives was conducted in English.

The attorney provided legal services to Indian company in the case of recovery of a debt. Ukrainian company, which was a debtor, had received a prepayment, although failed to supply goods. The debtor refunded the prepayment after receiving a claim letter sent by the attorney on behalf of the client. Communication with the client’s representatives was in conducted English.


Numerous cases of the lawyer's broad and varied experience in providing legal support to Ukrainian citizens and companies on the territory of Ukraine and international experiences can be found on Facebook.